Safer Schools

Kaiapoi North School has operated a Safer Schools' Committee since 2009.

Our school was designated a 'Safe School Community' under the International Safe School Accreditation Programme in 2011. We became only the second accredited school in the South Island and the 50th internationally.
The accreditation demonstrates that Kaiapoi North School has a strong parents' and teachers' community that actively participates not only in fostering academic excellence, but also providing a safe, healthy and secure environment as a basis of supporting the development of emotionally and physically capable individuals. It also shows an ongoing commitment to developing and maintaining the culture of safety and a safe environment at Kaiapoi North School.
The Safer Schools' Committee meets twice each term to discuss feedback and / or concerns with respect to maintaining a safe and happy school environment. It consists of student representatives, BOT representatives, parents, caregivers and school staff.
We are a proactive group. We conclude all our meetings with a clear action plan. All group members provide feedback either from individual observations or from feedback from others within our school. Decisions on how we can best eliminate concerns around safety and well-being are discussed and individuals within our group are designated responsibilities which they attend to between meetings, co-opting others where necessary, and then reporting back to the group on progress at the next meeting.
Every year we survey our whole school community in Term 3 to ensure parents, caregivers, students and staff have a voice in terms of how they perceive our school’s environment, and how we can improve our school. We encourage ongoing dialogue between home and school and will always be open to any constructive feedback which will support our safety and well-being. Feedback and / or concerns of any type, big or small, are best shared with our school’s Deputy Principal. Where appropriate these will then be tabled for discussion at the next Safer Schools' Committee meeting.
Please know that as parents and caregivers you are welcome to join our group. You may wish to attend one of our meetings, or at the very least we encourage you to share any thoughts and concerns you may have around safety and well-being.