Kaiapoi North School opened in 1962 meaning that in 2012 we celebrated our 50th Jubilee. We are a “full primary” school catering for Year 1-8 children in our spacious, vibrant and well maintained school. As well as 22 classrooms we have a specialist music room, a welcoming library, a hall large enough for our whole school assemblies and a large, safe playground. In 2016-2018 we are undertaking a major building project which sees new classroom blocks built and refurbishing of existing classrooms that will remain on site (some older blocks will be demolished once the new blocks are built).
Our children live within the Kaiapoi township, in The Pines Beach and Kairaki Beach. Kaiapoi is approximately 15 minutes north of Christchurch. In 2010 and 2011 our town was shaken by earthquakes with some of our properties classified red. Our community have supported each other through these tough times but through our strength we have ensured our children have been given emotional support to assist them with what they have experienced. Now with over 2,000 additional sections planned to be completed in Kaiapoi by the end of 2017 we will see a period of growth as we welcome new families into our town and school community.
Our school roll peaked at 553 in 2016, we have a starting roll in 2017 of 508 which we expect will grow to around 570 children by the end of the year. Approximately 77% identify as NZ European being their ethnicity, 13% identify as Maori, 3% Pasifika, 2% as British/Irish, 2% Asian with the remaining 3% being made up of other ethnicities.
We are proud of the achievement and progress of our children. As well as focussing on the core curriculum areas we provide a wide range of opportunities for our children in The Arts, PE and Health, and in Maori Culture. KNS is a great place to be, we welcome all visitors to experience our positive school culture and look forward to meeting new families as they enrol at our school where personal excellence is strived for and our Values and Beliefs are lived.

From the Principal
I am very fortunate to be the principal of Kaiapoi North School as what we do here makes me very proud. Having skilled, enthusiastic people involved in a school community makes a huge difference. The children, parents and staff work together at Kaiapoi North School to create a positive learning community. I hope this website gives you a small taste into what we value at KNS, if you are new to our school please visit us in person to give you a feel for the great things that happen here!

Having attended Kaiapoi North School as a child gives me a strong connection to the school and the Kaiapoi Community. Our mission statement of "Striving for Personal Excellence" drives all that we do, and our Values and Beliefs guide us all in how we interact and support each other at KNS. While our main focus will always be on the learning of reading, writing and maths we also make sure the children have valuable and authentic learning experiences in all other curriculum areas. We make learning challenging but fun at KNS!

The additional opportunities that we provide at KNS are many and varied. At KNS we work hard to provide challenges and opportunities for the children to shine in Maori Culture, Performing Arts and Sport as they progress through the school. Our specialist music teacher gives each child "hands on" musical opportunities and those that wish to take it further can be part of our many school bands. The word pictorial "wordle" below illustrates the many opportunities available at KNS. 

Please feel free to contact me to find out more about our wonderful school!
Jason Miles - jason.m@kaiapoinorth.school.nz or 327-8803
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