Restorative Practice

The Restorative Practice model is designed to deal with relationship issues that arise from time to time at school. The Restorative process seeks to heal and put right the wrongs that have happened.
The process is an approach to harmful behaviour or community conflict that sees wrong-doing as essentially a violation of people and relationships. This process formalises the bringing together of all those responsible for and most affected by wrongful conduct. Individually and collectively people address the causes of the harm of those affected and investigate ways to make amends and minimise the risk of future wrong doing.
It would be fair to say that through the mediation process of “talking things through," Kaiapoi North has already been effectively resolving issues within our school and school community.
The Restorative model can be applied to all levels and aims to assist all involved to reflect, repair and reconnect. In short it is about restoring relationships between people through a controlled environment. This allows for individuals to listen, to hear how it has been for others, and to gain sufficient understanding and empathy to support the healing process.
Teaching staff are provided with training which is ongoing.