Values & Beliefs

At Kaiapoi North School we strive for personal excellence and value:

We show empathy and consideration for others' rights, feelings, property and our environment.
  • We listen with empathy and understanding
  • We stop and think about our actions
  • We act with respect, integrity and fairness
We show personal best in work, attitude and behaviour.
  • We strive for accuracy and work to the best of our abilities
  • We show persistence, creativity and innovation
  • We communicate clearly and accurately
We show caring and kindness.
  • We support and encourage others and value individual differences
  • We work, learn and have fun together
  • We build positive relationships with others
We value the chance to be life-long learners.
  • We learn from our experiences - past and present
  • We think flexibly by looking at things in different ways
  • We are curious and ask questions about our world
  • We use all of our senses to help us learn

We are responsible for our own learning and behaviour.
  • We think about our thinking
  • We persist to achieve goals and set new challenges
  • We take risks in our learning and reflect to improve


We work as a team to contribute to our school and our community.
  • We work as a team and learn from each other
  • We are positive role models
  • We are actively involved with our community