Growing Excellence

Check out the Growing Excellence board in the foyer of the office to see which students have demonstrated our school's Values and Beliefs consistently.

Student Opportunities across Kaiapoi North School

At Kaiapoi North School we provide “opportunities” for our students to become involved in a variety of school groups.

Some of these groups promote leadership opportunities, while others offer sporting, academic and culture incentives.

As a school we also provide school wide acknowledgements for students who have met the criteria which act as indicators of successful student participation. We have Bars and Badges, which students wear on the arms of their school uniform, to indicate that success. If a student has been successful one year, and continues to work within that group in subsequent years, they receive a Bar to acknowledge their ongoing investment within that group.

Key criteria for successfully achieving a Badge or Bar

On occasion, some school groups may have additional criteria which are specific to that school group. Each staff member, who coordinates a group, will make clear to our students the requirements for success within their group.
  1. Participation
    Students attend all practices and duties of their group, unless absent from school, or attending another school event which takes precedence. If unable to attend, students are required to notify the staff member coordinating that group.
  2. School Representation
    Participation in any school event or performance which represents that group, unless unwell or it has been discussed with the staff member involved previously.
  3. Kaiapoi North School’s Values and Beliefs
    Students are required to demonstrate our school’s Values and Beliefs at all times.
  4. AND, you may through anything else considered specific to your group, and the opportunities therein.