PrincipalJason Miles
Deputy Principal: Jack Oldridge
Assistant Principal: Dawn Anderson
Information Communication Technology Specialist: Jeff Hertnon
Resource Teachers  of Learning and Behaviours: Kelly Watson (Cluster Manager), Lynne Marwick, Tim Heidmann, Louise Douglas, Anthony Sandford, Kay Kennedy, Kat Kevey, Sue Mills, Jocelyn Buxton, Alice Gemrotova, Emma Sheeran
Resource Teacher of Literacy: Chuck Marriott       
Music Specialist: Claire Osgood
Office Staff: Julie Garing, Della Wood, Teresa Berry
Support Staff: Ann Hoglund, Kathryn Lynskey, Jayne Duncan, Andrea Kendrick, Kirsten Attewell, Christine King
Caretaker: Ron Adams               
Groundsman: Keith Richards
Cleaners: Alison Allison, Russell and Alison Ward, Teresa Berry, CREST

At Kaiapoi North School we have 4 syndicates.

Raupō Syndicate Years 0-2
Syndicate Leader: Mrs Melanie Poynter  

Akeake Syndicate - Years 3-4
Syndicate Leader: Mrs Karen Wright
Hīnau Syndicate - Year 5-6
Syndicate Leader: Mrs Felicity Fahey

Tōtara Syndicate - Years 7-8
Kauri Syndicate Leader: Mrs Steph Hunter